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Fraud Consulting

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, companies typically lose about 5% of their annual revenue to fraud. A company can choose to detect this fraud after the fact or take proactive steps to prevent it. Without proactive preventive steps, losses can escalate which leads to adverse publicity, brand damage, customer attrition and ultimately higher revenue losses.

Whether it’s online banking fraud, credit card/debit card fraud, mobile money fraud, cheque fraud, ATM fraud, internal collusion or other forms of financial crime, partnering up with a fraud consulting firm whose founder is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and the Institute of Internal Auditors guarantees knowledge of leading-edge technologies, new methodologies, and internationally acclaimed best practices to help you cut down on your fraud losses.

Fraud Products

Which fraud prevention tool do you use for which fraud strategy? Which anti-fraud products are recommended for which payment channel? Which product do you tackle mobile money fraud with and which products do you tackle online banking fraud with? Allow us to recommend the best anti-fraud products available and make recommendations to which of them are tailor-made for which situation.

Emerging Products

Customers are moving away from traditional cash usage to other financial instruments such as mobile money, credit cards, online banking etc. These emerging products threaten traditional banking models.

For example, according to the World Bank, two billion people in developing countries will be using Mobile Money by 2020. Which products are suitable for which clientele? And how do you reach those clients? Which fraud mitigation strategies are best geared for your payment channels? Allow us to make recommendations and fraud mitigation strategies for alternate payment channels such as credit cards, mobile money or online banking. Criminals and fraudsters use variety of methods to swindle businesses

and therefore companies must institute strong fraud risk management controls. Such controls must extend from the payment systems to internal staff to fraud software and the merchants you do business with.

Communication needs

Every company must have end to end policies and procedures that document staff expectations. Policies and procedures also set rules and guidelines for all employees in all work situations, adopt a clear and consistent message across the organization, demonstrate fair treatment of employees and set a standard for dealing with complaints Allow Financial Crimes Africa to help write your policies and procedures. We have the experience in internal controls to help draft end to end procedures that cover all work situations with no gaps.

Fraud Awareness Training / Educational Seminars

Why is fraud committed? Who are those likely to commit fraud? How do we detect it? What are the different types of fraud? Are there any tell-tale signs to look out for? Fraud is constantly evolving, are your staff members primed to detect new and emerging fraud tricks? Are they conversant fraud savvy and conversant with fraud scenarios such as mobile money fraud, credit card/debit card fraud, cheque fraud, ATM fraud, online banking fraud, identity fraud and several other kinds of fraud, phishing/vishing/smishing, disappearing ink, paperhanging, etc.

Turn to our fraud consultancy for your staff training needs. We will examine and explain the different types of fraud per payment channels, tips and tricks for detecting fraud, the principles of fraud prevention and how to be a step ahead of today’s savvy fraudsters.

Fraud Control design

Set up a system to prevent and detect internal and external fraud. Learn about the 6 elements that combine to build a solid framework of proven fraud deterrents such as fraud risk assessment, communication and monitoring, anti-fraud monitoring etc.

Social Media Policy

The era of social media is here and accessible from multiple places. Should organizations care about the social media activities of their employees as it pertains to the company’s reputation? Most definitely. 

Companies need clear and concise social media policies to govern employee usage and the limits of what can be posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media. 

Allow Financial Crimes Africa to help draft your policies and procedures to govern your company’s use of social media. We have the experience in internal controls to help draft end to end procedures that cover all work situations with no gaps.


Allow Financial Crimes Africa to write your company’s policies and procedures. We have the experience in internal controls to help draft end to end procedures that cover all work situations with no gaps.

Our certified internal audit and certified fraud examiner experience puts us at the forefront for fraud risk management, internal control policies, fraud training and consultancy designed for African banking clients. Contact us today!

Any informed borrower is simply less vulnerable to fraud and abuse.

- Alan Greenspan


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