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 Our Services can be categorized mainly into Consulting and Training. Mare details available in the individual sections.

We provide consulting expertise on the current state of fraud within the retail banking industry on debit/credit cards, cheques, online banking, telephone banking, e-commerce, money transfers etc. Fraud is very dynamic and fraudsters are constantly devising new ways to exploit process gaps and vulnerabilities. Fraud incidents can lead to reputational damage and customer attrition.
Are you looking to:
  • keep abreast of fraud trends within the banking industry,
  • know what is the best-in-class method for preventing and detecting fraud
  • take a fraud risk assessment of your bank
  • create a fraud prevention strategy
  • Safeguard your customers from fraud attacks, ensuring fraud detection and prevention
AFC provides consulting services on each of these areas. We have international expertise and local knowledge of the fraud landscape. Look no further, get in touch with us today for a free initial consultation.
Prevention is better than cure, as the adage goes.
In the fraud world, prevention is better than detection. AFC has local knowledge and international expertise to enhance your fraud strategies and increase your fraud prevention capabilities by training your staff to be fraud savvy in the different banking products.
A single incident of fraud can impact your business and dampen stakeholder confidence. This can drive existing and potential clients to competitors. Don't be a victim, get in touch with AfricanFraudConsult today!
We will help you build effective and sustainable awareness and training programs that support your fight against all types of banking fraud!

Any informed borrower is simply less vulnerable to fraud and abuse.

- Alan Greenspan

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