419 – Advance Fee Fraud

Definition: A scam in which the fraudster usually requires the victim to pay upfront a relatively smaller amount of money in order to process the payment of a greater amount of money. In some cases, the fraudster presents himself as a government/bank official who is processing the disbursement of a huge cash amount and requires […]

Cheque Fraud

Check fraud is one of the biggest challenges that banks face with respect to fraud. Advancements in technology such as desktop publishing have made it easier to produce altered/forged, fictitious or counterfeit checks which look very much like the original. In almost all cases, cheque fraud begins when the fraudster gains hold of a legitimate […]

Debit/ATM card fraud

Debit/ATM cards are plastic payment cards that are a viable alternative to cash. The difference between debit cards and credit cards is that payment for a debit card transaction is taken directly from the cardholder’s account, unlike credit cards where the accountholder paying the money back at a later date. Debit cards can also double […]