Financial Crimes Risk Management


The African banking space is experiencing tremendous growth. In addition to traditional banking products (ATM's, cheques, money transfers etc), new innovative products such as debit/credit cards, online banking and e-commerce are also gaining rapid pace. The current proliferation of smartphones has also given banks a wider reach of customers than ever before with mobile banking, mobile money online banking and e-commerce etc.

These are exciting times for both banks and customers alike. However, internal and external fraudsters  are also constantly devising new ways of exploiting vulnerabilities and process gaps in order to divert money.

Who We Are

Financial Crimes Africa (FCA) is a business consultancy that provides fraud consulting, fraud training services and fraud risk management strategies to African financial institutions. Our mission is to help our clients identify, mitigate and reduce fraud, economic and financial crimes targeted at their products and services. Our experience spans various fraud scenarios internationally but we specifically cater to the needs of African financial institutions.

What We Do

We provide consulting services, training and varying aspects of fraud risk management that is designed to keep your staff at the forefront and ahead of today’s fraudsters. We also provide consulting services on emerging banking products to help you reach an even wider client audience.

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Our Philosophy

Excellent customer service to all our clients is our primary goal. We will handle all inquiries and engagements with the utmost professionalism. We will provide high quality business information and services. We will always strive to produce detailed reports which are innovative and informative, and outline recommendations for process and procedure improvements.

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